How to Install Android 4.2 Photosphere Camera on Samsung Galaxy S4

Before the official release of the Galaxy S4, there were rumors that Samsung will be adding the Photosphere camera with its own branding “Camera Orb” in its new flagship. However, later it became evident that the rumors were just rumors and what we got with the Galaxy S4 was Samsung’s own version of Panorama mode that can captures 360 degree left to right or vice versa pictures.
The Photosphere camera feature, that as introduces first with Nexus 4, is really one of the most interesting camera features. The Photosphere camera mode is an advanced form of 360º photography because it beautifully synthesizes several photo frames into one whole to give you a spherical shot. The feature achieves this by piecing together the picture in a virtual space. It then combines all the pieces together, adding depth to the space. Thus you can create an spherical image by moving and aligning the camera sensor to left, right, up or down. Below is very beautiful example that shows what kind of images you can capture using Photosphere.

I flashed the Android 4.2 Photosphere camera on my Galaxy S4 just a couple of days ago and was amazed to see the results. A 360º spherical photo captured with a 13MP camera! So if you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, or even some other Android device (like HTC One or Xperia Z) with  Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, you can have that awesome camera on your device now!


  • A rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 with a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP.
  • Nexus 4 Photosphere camera CWM flashable zip for GT-I9500:
  • If you have some other variant of the Galaxy S4 (than GT-I9500), download the following files:
    • Android 4.2 camera without Photosphere but with 13 MP camera support (CWM flashable):
    • Download the libs files if you have downloaded the above file and extract the zip:
    • Android 4.2 camera with Photosphere (extract the zip):
    • Also, install a root file explorer app on your device: